*Remind me again why we mustered out on this shithole?*

New beginnings happen anywhere.

So this is Earth. Wow, you don’t see too many worlds that have this much of modern civilization in the Outlands. Or this much savage land on an otherwise civilized world. Still need to pick up a few more bodies if we are going to make a go of things on our own. But whatever, we can probably take on a few more demobbed troopers, or even a local or two. Hell, we could train up a savage in no time if we had to. Happened to us after all. At least We’re not breathing ships air anymore… Now where’s the pub.


It’s not that bad, and with just a tiny bit of luck we won’t be here long. I may take the opportunity to put one more album out – I’ve had a lot of new material in my head the last while. I hope Ilsa and Ron are still alive… Anyone know a good drummer? I wonder what would happen if we linked Bob up with a drum machine?

I hope I don’t lose touch with the guys from the 1st. We said we’d just keep watching each other’s back. I’d miss them if I lost track.


That’s awesome. Also loved your Rolling Stone interview.


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