I had an interesting trip to Baltimore with Troma. I learned a new pejorative, “Clank.” If I got all worried about how people saw me now, I might drive myself bonkers, so, whatever. We hung out at one of his old watering holes a lot of the time. I sure miss drinking. I don’t get why Troma wanted me to get the new fancy clothes. I suppose I’ve spent my life (and death) in the Military, so I’m not really into dressing up in civies, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it. I do like my decision to buy the new eyes. I still can’t pass as a meatbag up close, but maybe I won’t stick out too much from a distance. I’m thinking now maybe I should have saved up instead to get versions of the eyes with an infra-red function. Could be useful. Well back to New York to partake of more “Red Tape”.

Bobon: end of line…



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