I had an interesting trip to Baltimore with Troma. I learned a new pejorative, “Clank.” If I got all worried about how people saw me now, I might drive myself bonkers, so, whatever. We hung out at one of his old watering holes a lot of the time. I sure miss drinking. I don’t get why Troma wanted me to get the new fancy clothes. I suppose I’ve spent my life (and death) in the Military, so I’m not really into dressing up in civies, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it. I do like my decision to buy the new eyes. I still can’t pass as a meatbag up close, but maybe I won’t stick out too much from a distance. I’m thinking now maybe I should have saved up instead to get versions of the eyes with an infra-red function. Could be useful. Well back to New York to partake of more “Red Tape”.

Bobon: end of line…

*Remind me again why we mustered out on this shithole?*
New beginnings happen anywhere.

So this is Earth. Wow, you don’t see too many worlds that have this much of modern civilization in the Outlands. Or this much savage land on an otherwise civilized world. Still need to pick up a few more bodies if we are going to make a go of things on our own. But whatever, we can probably take on a few more demobbed troopers, or even a local or two. Hell, we could train up a savage in no time if we had to. Happened to us after all. At least We’re not breathing ships air anymore… Now where’s the pub.


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