Faith in Dragonstar

The reason that humans everywhere look like humans, and Elves throughout the galaxy look and speak the same, is simply this: The Gods have willed it to be so. The Gods you worship now, and the Gods your barbaric ancestors worshiped. The Gods of that recently contacted Outlands world? All the same Gods, or a mashup of their various aspects.

The Gods of the Unification Church:

The Destroyer (chaotic evil): Who’s domains are Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Death, War.
The Father (Lawful Good): Who’s domains are Good, Healing, Law, Knowledge, War.
The Judge (Lawful Good): Who’s domains are Good, Destruction, Knowledge, Law, Protection.
The Lover (Neutral Good): Who’s domains are Animal, Good, Healing, Protection, Water.
The Magus (Neutral): Who’s domains are Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Protection, Trickery.
The Merchant (Lawful Neutral): Who’s domains are Knowledge, Law, Luck, Travel, Trickery.
The Mother (Chaotic Good): Who’s domains are Animal, Earth, Good, Protection, Plant.
The Reaper (Lawful Evil): Who’s domains are Death, Earth, Evil, Law, Trickery.
The Stormlord (Chaotic Neutral): Air, Chaos, Destruction, Travel, Water.
The Smith (Neutral): Who’s domains are Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Water.
The Trickster (Chaotic Neutral): Who’s domains are Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Trickery.
The Warrior (Lawful Neutral): Who’s domains are Law, Luck, Magic, Strength, War.

The Gods of the Dualist Heresy:

The Creator (Lawful Good): Who’s domains are any but Chaos or Evil.
The Adversary (Chaotic Evil): Who’s domains are any but Good or Law.

Faith in Dragonstar

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